Can someone please explain digital marketing to me?

Digital marketing has exploded in the past decade as people spend more time on their devices and the internet. In this article, we cover the benefits and trends of digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing for any business.

What is digital marketing?

Any time you engage with technology, the internet, or any form of digital media to maintain or increase the customer base for your company, you are using digital marketing.

The bonus of digital marketing is the direct channels of communication it creates between customers and the company. These allow the consumer to feel heard and valued by the corporation.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Traditional marketing involves business cards, posters or billboards, flyers, or a good old snail-mail sent to potential customers. Digital marketing uses the company’s website, social media, and mobile apps to achieve the same marketing goal – more profit.


Traditional marketing channels reach out to users and the masses. Digital marketing allows a particular customer group to be targeted which increases your ROI.


Traditional marketing takes time. Being able to communicate with your customers in real-time via digital channels gains their trust and creates a positive brand identity.


It is difficult to measure the efficacy of traditional marketing. How many people saw your adverts, how many of them shared them, or followed up on them? How many of them went to your website after seeing your advert? Digital marketing tracks all these results so that you can see your ROI for each campaign, and tailor the next campaign for even better results.

Current digital marketing trends

We have listed some of the upcoming trends in digital marketing to help you develop a digital marketing strategy for your company.

Social Media

Facebook is still the Top Dog when it comes to social media in 2022. With almost 2 billion users a day, one would say this is a captive audience for your company. While Facebook ads are great for brand awareness and engagement, the new kid on the block is video. Digital marketing trends show that users engage with video content far more than static content on Facebook, so that is the way to go.

Website Development

In terms of digital marketing strategy, it might be time to revamp and relaunch your website if it’s been a while. In 2022, Customers are looking for brands that resonate with their lifestyles. Once you have defined your target consumer, website content should be tailored for SEO purposes and then personalized for patrons to connect with the brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is skyrocketing in 2022. (Hop over to this page for a quick explanation of what email marketing is if you’re unsure.) Email marketing is beyond sending wordy newsletters to inform customers of your new products.

This digital marketing tool is showing its worth in user-triggered emails which are sent after a particular action is taken by the consumer. These include reminder emails about abandoned shopping carts or event emails tailored to their area code.

Digital marketing questions?

If you have any queries or would like the importance of digital marketing explained in more detail, please contact Outsourced Advantage.  We are digital marketing specialists who are happy to create a digital marketing strategy for your company and manage it or walk you through managing it on your own.


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