What’s the big deal about email marketing?

“Email marketing” and “Newsletter marketing strategy” may sound like buzzwords that only promise bluster, but they appear to have a higher ROI than most other online channels – and that includes paid-for online adverts (PPC).

What is email marketing?

In a nutshell, Email marketing is when companies use emails to communicate with customers (or potential customers) about their business. It may be in the form of newsletters, special deals, sales information, or new product offerings.

Well-crafted email campaigns nurture the relationship between the customer and the company and offer another platform to keep the company at the top of the customer’s mind.

How does email marketing benefit a company

ROI statistics for email newsletters

If we are all honest, the main purpose of an email campaign is to generate leads. Information is great and customer relationships are important, but profit is king. If your newsletters are not creating and encouraging customers to use your company, they are not worth the time they take to set up.

Email newsletters provide bang for your buck

The cost of email marketing is much lower than traditional marketing via printed adverts or mailers. Offline direct marketing functions at 9% ROI whereas email marketing functions at 29%.

Newsletter strategy analysis

The detail provided in email marketing reports is very impressive. To be able to monitor exactly how many potential customers opened your email newsletter (and see if they interacted with any of the content) is light years ahead of paying a teenager to dump flyers in local post boxes.

Efficient email strategy

Skilled marketers know how to segment email campaigns as well as the correct times and days to approach different people with newsletters. Email marketing is part creativity and part psychological strategy, and it is important to approach customers at their most receptive times.

Options to approach email marketing

Manage the email campaign yourself

This is possible. The learning curve is quite long, but it may work for your company if you are willing to train staff to research newsletter marketing trends, draft decent content, and essentially become in-house marketers. This is valuable as they will have a thorough knowledge of the product and customer.

Outsource to professional email marketing service providers

These companies will manage your email marketing strategy, curate and send out the actual email newsletter and provide insights every month to track open rates (customers opening the emails), click-through rates (customers interacting with the content), and actual leads. These reports allow you to see if email marketing is working for your company and tweak strategies for maximum ROI.  Outsourced Advantage has a team that is ready to get your email marketing strategy started. Their job is to stay on top of trends and statistics in newsletter campaigns, as well as to keep an eye on what is working for your specific industry.

Email Marketing Questions?

If you decide to give email marketing a bash, we will support you as best we can. Contact us for a strategy meeting and keep an eye out for our next article on tips for managing your email marketing strategy.


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